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The fight for democracy – is there a way out of Venezuela’s misery?


One of the serious crises in the world that has been overshadowed by the dominant news flow in the dismal year of 2020 is taking place in Venezuela. The country is governed by a dictatorial regime. Human rights abuses are well documented. Political prisoners are counted in several hundreds, and thousands are killed extrajudicially by…

One year on … can we see a turning point for Venezuela?


One year ago, there was hope that the social and economic decay in Venezuela could be stopped. And that it wouldn’t be too long until a political solution could bring the country back to democracy. It didn’t turn out that way. Instead, President Maduro’s position appeared strengthened during last year, after the failed attempt by…

Now is the fate of Venezuela determined


The next few weeks may determine the fate of Venezuela Negotiations are going on right now between two political forces, with Norway as mediator. On the one hand the regime of disputed president Nicolás Maduro, who largely has control over the state authorities. On the other, representatives of the opposition, led by the president of…

Maduro och Guaidó

It is right – but not without risks – to support Guaidó


The political situation in Venezuela hangs in the balance. On the one side, president Maduro, who has assumed the presidency for another period of six years, after a strongly questioned election in May last year, when the leading opposition candidates were prevented from participating. On the other side the young speaker of the National Assembly…

A new year’s wish for Venezuela


Of all the world’s troubled spots, I feel particularly close to one: Venezuela. There I have lived and worked, and since that period ended, I keep in touch and follow developments. Will 2019 be the year when the crisis in Venezuela culminates?  In my blog I have written earlier (on the Swedish page) about the…